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Long, dark nights and cold days do not have to be bad things! Embrace the opportunity to cozy up in your home and get your “hygge” on.


Recently, I discovered the Danish concept of “hygge” and it’s become my new favorite thing. “Hygge” doesn’t have an exact translation into English, but it essentially means “enjoying life’s simple pleasures” and “living a cozy life.”

Hygge represents those moments when you are calm and at peace, enjoying the company of a good friend or someone you love, perhaps wrapped in a warm blanket or your favorite thick cardigan, sipping on a mug of something delicious.

In a book called “The Cozy Life,” by Pia Edberg, hygge is described as “a safe haven protecting you from anything bad out there, and surrounding yourself with things you love.” Who couldn’t use a little bit of that right now?


Here are some things that represent “hygge” to me:

  • Curling up on the couch with my girls to watch a Hallmark Christmas movie marathon
  • Making homemade soup, and heating up some crusty bread to go with it 
  • Enjoying a mug of tea in a quiet house before the kids get home from school
  • Catching up with a friend over a yummy lunch
  • Making my daughters’ beds with clean, soft linens
  • Fuzzy socks, leggings, and my favorite hooded sweatshirt
  • Drinking glass of good red wine with my husband and lighting our fireplace candles 

Denmark is consistently ranked as the happiest country on the world, and I believe their devotion to hygge is a big reason why. Even when it’s cold and dark for the majority of the day in Denmark, they make the most of it by indulging in their coziest clothes, favorite people, most comforting foods and drinks, and fluffy, warm blankets and pillows.

The weather in Houston can’t compare to the weather Denmark, but I still enjoy creating a hyggeligt home (Yes, that’s actually a term!). When the weather cools down and the evenings become dark earlier and earlier, it’s my cue that it’s time to swap out more summery linens and blankets with cozy wintery ones, light my favorite scented candles or turn on my essential oil diffuser, get out a good book, and make a cup of tea.


I love using faux fur in my home during the wintery months because it feels AND looks amazingly cozy. Pottery Barn has always been my go-to for beautiful, high quality faux fur items that last for years.

My living room is where I often use faux fur pillows and throws, but I’ve also added some cozy touches to our guest bedroom. Our guest room gets a lot of use from visiting friends and family members throughout the fall and winter, and I want to make an effort to make it warm and inviting. I want our guests to feel like our guest room is a “home away from home,” so that they’ll want to keep coming back!

PS: For those far away friends & family members who haven’t visited us in Houston yet, I’m hoping that this will entice you!! :)




How can you not want to visit when I’ve got these cozy slippers waiting for you!!??

Adding a few touches of coziness and warmth to your home doesn’t require a lot of time or effort, but it will really make your home feel welcoming and comfortable during the holidays and the cold winter months. If you want to learn more about any of the Pottery Barn faux fur items featured in this post, you can find them via the links below:

Ivory tipped faux fur throw

Faux fur throw (caramel ombre)

Faux fur-trimmed velvet pillow cover

Faux fur ombre pillow cover (caramel)


Talk to me! Have you heard of “hygge” before? What are your favorite ways to make your home cozy in the fall and winter? Do you love cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies as much as I do? Please share in the comments!

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