My girls come home from school STARVING. I created this list of 15 healthy and easy after school snacks for kids that will fill them up, too.


My girls have been slowly killing me with their demand for after school snacks. I know they are genuinely hungry because they always have an appetite for dinner, but the nonstop nibbling and back and forth and begging for snacks was driving me all the way up the wall.

For the sake of my own sanity, I decided that I need to have a more organized approach to finding easy after school snacks, and to treat them almost like a mini meal. I wrote out a list of healthy and easy snacks that are filling and quick to prepare (or can be made ahead and waiting for them when they get home).

15 Healthy & Filling After School Snacks for Kids

  1. deviled/hardboiled eggs
  2. steam-in-bag edamame
  3. avocado & tortilla chips
  4. apples & peanut butter
  5. banana, nut butter & chocolate milk smoothie
  6. yogurt & granola
  7. turkey pepperoni & crackers
  8. popcorn & pistachios
  9. pita chips & hummus
  10. peanut-butter filled pretzels
  11. granola bar & fruit
  12. pasta salad w/ veggies
  13. tuna salad on triscuits
  14. green smoothie/popsicles
  15. almonds & veggie chips

If you’ve got time to bake, these sweet potato muffins are also a huge hit at our house.

Do you have any ideas for filling snacks to share? Post in the comments!

15 easy after school snacks for kids

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